Human Resource


To Achieve Vision and Mission, the Company has 974 permanent employees with competencies that meet plantation management requirements, and is supported by ± 10,000 workers who do land preparation work, nurseries, plants, maintenance plants, forest protection, timber harvesting and transportation.

The source of employee comes from:

  • 1. Communities around the concession area
  • 2. Trans HTI community
  • 3. MHBM and MHR groups


The Acacia Mangium Center Training Center is scheduled to be used for various types of inhouse training with instructors from internal companies as well as government agencies, including: planting techniques, OSH and first aid, operator training, forest security, fire control and character building (teamwork, motivation, leadership).

In addition, the company also sends employees to attend education and training in various government institutions and training institutions, including: taxation, auditors, PHPL technical staff, AMDAL, Information Technology, and GIS.