Rights & Obligations

Based on SK. Forestry Minister No. 38 / Kpts-II / 1996, the Company was given the right to cultivate industrial timber estates (HTI) in an area of ​​296,400 ha in the Province of South Sumatra and utilize forest products in the form of wood. While the Companys obligations include:

  • 1. Pay contributions and other financial obligations in accordance with applicable regulations;
  • 2. Implement boundary;
  • 3. Make a Plan for Concession Work for HTI;
  • 4. Make Annual Work Plans in accordance with established guidelines;
  • 5. Create and complete Andal, RKL and RPL;
  • 6. Build facilities and infrastructure needed to carry out management of HTI;
  • 7. Carry out real and earnest activities;
  • 8. Carrying out the business of HTI with its own capabilities / joint ventures, covering the activities of planting, maintaining, collecting and marketing in accordance with the RKP-HTI according to the applicable provisions and based on the principle of benefits, the principle of sustainability and the principle of the company;
  • 9. Establish HPHTI area in accordance with RKP-HTI and RKT-HTI certified in accordance with prevailing regulations;
  • 10. Re-planting after logging according to the applicable provisions;
  • 11. Employ forestry technical personnel in accordance with applicable regulations;
  • 12. Helping to improve the living standards of people in or around the work area;
  • 13. Comply with and provide assistance to officers who by the Minister of Forestry are authorized to conduct guidance, supervision and research.