Type of CSR

  • 1. Partnership: in the form of MHBM, MHR, LDK;
  • 2. Community Development
  • In the form of community social assistance in the area of ​​PT. Musi Hutan Persada;

  • 3. Extension and skills training
  • Activities of PT. Musi Hutan Persada to the community in the form of health education, forest fire hazard education activities, and activities related to community income such as farming and business development training;

  • 4. Development of community education
  • PT. Musi Hutan Persada helped advance the development of community education through school management in the form of the Wana Lestari foundation, as well as assisting teacher salaries in a number of areas in the area of ​​PT. Musi Hutan Persada;

  • 5. Public health development
  • In the form of activities such as mass circumcision, mass treatment in various places in collaboration with the nearest health center;

  • 6. Community spiritual development
  • PT. Musi Hutan Persada is also involved in religious activities and cultural pelesatarian activities that must be preserved such as the ancestral grave sites in and in the area of ​​PT. Musi Hutan Persada.