CSR Program

  • 1. Managing Community Forests Program
  • A management of unproductive land within and around the PT MHP concession that is acquired and / or controlled by the community / individual who has a legal proof of ownership of the land to be used as Industrial Plantation Forest (HTI), where each component of HTI development work is prioritized to be carried out by the community itself within the period of work that has been determined in a certain area and location. For the implementation of this work, the community will get a reward for crop production after harvest in the form of profit sharing with a pattern of 40% for MHR Owners or program participants and 60% for the Company. After first reducing the operational costs of the HTI construction that has been issued.

  • 2. Managing Collaborative Forests Program
  • A pattern of Industrial Plantation Forest Management carried out jointly between PT MHP and Community Groups within and around the HPHTI area of ??PT. Musi Hutan Persada. Based on the provision of certain work components from PT MHP to the Community Group on certain area and location (MHBM work area), on / or in the PT MHP HPHTI area by obtaining compensation in the form of services in accordance with agreed price rates and management services (amounting to 1.5 % of each work paid), and at the end of the cycle or harvest of wood for the second cycle plant will get production services (amounting to Rp. 3,250, - / ton).

  • 3. Rubber Diversification Land
  • A program from PT. Musi Hutan Persada for the Trans HPHTI community with an area of ??4580 ha in Kab. Muara Enim, OKU, Lahat and Musi Rawas.