Corporate Social Responsibility

The company considers that CSR activities are not just distributing funds or material to those in need, but CSR is one of the means to increase community participation in forest management, develop potential and improve community welfare so that communities in and around the concession area can develop forward together with the Company.

CSR activities carried out by the Company include:

  • 1. Managing Collaborative Forests Program , which to date has involved 69 Groups with 24,485 members; and until August 2016 funds from Management and Production Services have been channeled in the amount of Rp. 26.7 billion.
  • 2.The Community Forest Building Program which involved 636 people; and until August 2016 profit sharing funds have been channeled in the amount of Rp. 41.1 billion.
  • 3. Social assistance in the form of financial assistance to maintain places of worship and community activities in 2016 (until August) was recorded at Rp. 622.6 million.
  • Educational assistance for teacher salaries and maintenance of school buildings in 2016 (until August) reached Rp. 377.7 million; in addition, together with the Marubeni Foundation, scholarships have been provided to 25 Sriwijaya University students @ Rp. 5 million.